The Health Benefits of Camphor Oil

Camphor oil is extracted by steam from the the chipped wood, root stumps and branches and is then rectified under vacuum and filter pressed from Cinnamomum Camphora (also known as Laurus camphora) of the Lauraceae family.

The Camphor tree is native to China and Japan.

Camphor Oil Benefits

The therapeutic properties of camphor oil are analgesic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, cardiac, carminative, diuretic, febrifuge, hypertensive, insecticide, laxative, rubefacient, stimulant, sudorific, vermifuge and vulnerary, it is highly prized by the Chinese, who use it for embalming purposes and to use in soaps because of its wonderful scent. It is a well-known preventive of moths and other insects.

  • Camphor oil is a very useful ingredient in inhalations for coughs, colds and difficulties in breathing.
  • Camphor oil acts as an expectorant and a febrifuge, meaning that it cools fevers and helps clear lung congestion.
  • Camphor oil helps in revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin. In addition, as such is used in a variety of acne skin care products. Being rich in antioxidants, it helps in maintaining the general health of the skin.
  • Camphor oil’s stimulant property boosts the activity of the circulatory system, metabolism, digestion, secretion, and excretion.
  • When consumed, camphor oil boosts the libido by stimulating those portions of the brain, which are responsible for sexual desires, and urges.
  • Camphor oil acts as an insect repellant, a drop or two of this oil mixed with food grains, keep those food items safe from insects
  • Camphor oil is also used topically as an eardrop, and for treating minor burns. It has also been used to treat fungal infections of the toenail, warts, cold sores, hemorrhoids, and osteoarthritis.
  • Skin Problems like those that applying camphor oil on the itching area can treat itching and irritation.
  • It is accepted that camphor is good for your hair too. When blended with other herbal oils, camphor oil can boost hair growth, relax your brain, and remove tension.

Always contact a health care provider before use and make certain that you never apply camphor oil on broken or recently injure skin.