Benefits of cherry juice

As mentioned in the health benefits of cherries, cherries are available seasonally even when most of fruits these are preserved to be available all around the year.

As with other fruits when cherries are not available fresh juice is used as a substitute.

There has special interest in health benefits of tart cherry juice and many antioxidant research finding has proved that Tart cherry juice concentrate has the highest oxygen radical absorption capacity compared to top 12 fruits.


Tart Cherry juice and gout relief

The most well known Health benefits of cherry juice is relive pain of arthritis and gout. Even though more research is focused on tart cherry juice the sweet cherry juice is also quite beneficial and found to have anthocyanins is good amount that would have positive effects on regular intake.

Uric acid which is the main reason for gout arthritis is found to be lower in blood when the cherry juice were taken continuously.

Cherry Juice Nutrition

Cherry juice nutrition is similar to that of Cherries nutrition, cherry juice contains B, C vitamins and beta carotene. It also has traces of minerals such as phosphorous, potassium and iron.

Latest research finding

Recent finding on health benefits of tart cherry juice was published in the European journal of nutrition, drinking cherry juice has improved sleep behaviors.

The research attributes the sleep benefits to the melatonin content of the red super fruit, melatonin which could be critical for sleep wake cycle regulations.