The Health Benefits of Chervil Tea

Chervil is a member of the parsley family and is actually very similar in appearance to the parsley herb. Its tea is commonly used to improve skin tone, remove body toxins, and soothe anxieties. Native to Eastern Europe and Western Asia but it is immensely popular in French cuisine.

Chervil has been used in the past more as a medicinal herb than an herbal spice. Some of the health benefits of chervil include the antiseptic properties of its juice, which make it a good cure for skin cuts and wounds.

It has been known to help in the digestive process, relieve insect bites and as a good blood purifier.

Chervil Tea

If you need a diuretic to eliminate feelings of bloatedness or just to promote proper elimination of waste material for the body, its tea can also help.

This tea can also help relieve swollen or red eyes by damping a cotton ball with it and putting it over the affected eye for at least 10 minutes. It can also clear up and aid liver problems also relieve symptoms of influenza (flu) and the common cold.

Chervil herb also has been employed in treating a wide array of other health conditions when taken as tea. It can be used to aid in blood circulation, improve mood, enhances humour, and imparts a feeling of youthfulness.

Chervil acts as a stimulant, expectorant, and diuretic, it also contains vitamin C, calcium, iron and other minerals. It has been recognized as helpful for high blood pressure, reducing phlegm and easing painful joints.

It is also used to treat liver problems, kidney stones, gout and menstrual discomfort. Applying the tea as part of a face mask can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve elasticity of the skin.

There is no scientific evidence to back all these claims so chervil or any herb should not be consumed without first consulting a professional health practitioner.