The Health Benefits of Chokeberry Tea

Chokeberry or Aronia is a small berry packed with health benefits especially its tea that can be found in the form of tea bags in health food stores. Fresh aronia berries are commonly used to make juice, jam, syrup, and wine.


Dried aronia berries, which are available in many health food stores, can be eaten as a healthy snack, added to muesli, or used in muffins and other baked goodies. In some countries, dried aronia berries are used to make antioxidant-rich herbal tea.


Native Americans have also traditionally eaten dried chokeberries and prepared teas from parts of the plant, and several domesticated varieties now grace contemporary lawns and gardens from coast to coast.


Aronia is a very good medicinal herb and the North American Indians used it in feeding as an addition to bread. More importantly, fresh fruits are most often used as a cure for stomach and Aronia tea for healing wounds.


It is also important to say that aronia regulates proper operation and excretion of thyroid hormones, as well as to regulate the work of the pancreas, and may be useful in the treatment of diabetes (type II diabetes mellitus).

chokeberries Tea
chokeberries Tea

Chokeberry fruits are one of the richest plant sources of phenolic substances, mainly anthocyanins–glycosides of cyanidin. Anthocyanins are water soluble pigments accounting for the dark blue and even black colour of the fruits.


The main active ingredients of chokeberry melanocarpa fruit are phenolic substances, mainly flavonoids from the anthocyanin subclass. And as such chokeberry tea may be helpful in blood sugar control and reduction of cardiovascular risk factors.


The amount of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals contained in chokeberries is high in comparison to the calorie, carbohydrate and fat content.


One 3.5-ounce serving contains 5.3 grams, or 14 percent of the DRI, of dietary fiber. It also delivers substantial amounts of vitamins A, C, E and K, and folate.