The Health Benefits Of Consuming Cantaloupe‏

Cantaloupe, a type of melon with rough skin and soft, firm, flesh. The flesh of this fruit is a pale orange color that is both delicious and nutritious especially when consumed during the summer season.

Cantaloupe was originated in Iran, India and Africa and was first cultivated in Iran over thousands of years ago.

A member of the Cucurbitaceae family cantaloupe is enriched with niacin, folic acid, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, protein, fibre, calcium, phosphorus, thiamine, protein, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, manganese, copper, zinc, sugar, it is low in calories, saturated fat and have no cholesterol.



With that said, cantaloupe is full of health benefits, it is important for obesity, people who wants to lose weight can consume this tasty fruit to lose weight, its high fibre content will make you feel full and eat less, it also aids digestion, promotes healthy bones and protects it from disease like osteoporosis, it also gives stronger teeth and prevents tooth decay, prevents anaemia, lowers blood pressure, prevents or treats diabetes, helps the function of the kidney, acts as a laxative, beneficial for the eyes as it protects against diseases like cataracts, also good for people who smoke and wants to quit, regular consumption will help decrease the need to smoke, Pregnant women also will love this fruit because its high folic acid content is good for pregnant women and women of childbearing age, as it is known to prevent birth defects, this fruit also prevents chronic diseases like cancer.

Consumption of its juice is known to relieve stress, muscle cramps, reduce the symptoms of menstruation in women by just having a glass before that time of the month, it strengthens the immune system thus protecting the body from viral infections.

The name cantaloupe was named after the Italian papal village of Cantalup, where it was first cultivated, a fruit with a rich flavour and so mouth watering, it can be consumed at anytime of the day especially with breakfast, and is readily available throughout the year.