The Health Benefits Of Consuming Corn (Zea Mays)‏

Corn or maize as it is known in some countries, is one of the world’s most consumed food especially during the summer season and is considered a great “summer time snack” in some places like America where it is being used at barbecues and cookouts.

Corn can be found in a variety of snacks and foods and can be eaten by itself among other things.

A plant belonging to the gramineous (grass) family. Masculine flowers have terminal clusters while the feminine flowers produce a fruit in the form of an ear covered by a pod.

An ancient vegetable packed with nutrients, corn also called maize or Indian corn is known to have countless health benefits.


Native to America, the story of corn began in 1492 when Christopher Columbus’s men discovered this new grain in Cuba. It is referred by different names in various countries for example, it is called “oats” in Scotland and Ireland.

Although native to America, scientists believe the people of Central Mexico developed corn from teosinte a wild grass, over four thousand years ago.

Corn is a very popular consumed food and can be found in a variety of products like popcorn and chips.

Corn is known to have numerous health benefits, a very delicious vegetable enriched with vitamins and minerals such as Magnanese, folic acid which is important especially for pregnant women during the early stages and throughout pregnancy because it protects against neural- tube birth defects, it is an excellent source of niacin, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B5, fiber which is beneficial for weight loss because foods rich in fiber will help you to eat less, also can be eaten for constipation.

It is packed with essential anti-oxidants, studies have shown where the intake of corn reduces the chance of cardiovascular disease, lowers blood pressure, great for the digestive system, lowers blood sugar levels so it is a good choice for diabetics.

Corn is a whole grain food which is low in fat and calories an excellent choice to be a part of your diet.

It has also been used for various home remedies where women consumed an extraction of corn silk boiled in water to reduce the flow of breast milk, this silk extraction is also used for the treatment of bladder infections, kidney stones, nephritis, cystitis, and alleviates urine retention.

This infusion is prepared by simply pouring one liter of boiling water over 25 grams of corn silk and can be consumed at any time of the day. So, when you see this grainy looking vegetable again, think of the health benefits that it can offer you.