The Health Benefits of Consuming Cranberry Tea‏

Cranberry, a small, red acid delectable berry, among the top foods with proven health benefits, so nutritious you wouldn’t resist.

Cranberry is one of the world’s healthiest fruits, known to prevent and cure a variety of illnesses and can be found in many forms especially as a tea which is widely recognized.

Cranberry is a fruit from a plant found in North America packed with antioxidants, once known as bounce berry, because the berries bounced when dropped but was first dubbed as ‘crane’ berry, this name came into being when cranes (birds) feasted on the berries through the cranberry logs and was first used as food by Native American Indians.

Consuming cranberry tea is an excellent way to achieve its many benefits.

The tea is known to strengthen the immune system, thus protecting your body from cold, influenza (flu), protects the eyes and flush the kidneys of harmful toxins.

Cranberry Tea‏

It is also beneficial when drank on a regular basis by protecting the body from free radicals.

In addition to its great taste, consuming cranberry tea regularly is known to protect the teeth and gums from diseases like gingivitis which is caused from poor oral hygiene, dentists have even recommend regular consumption of cranberry tea for dental health.

Cranberry tea is an excellent option for women, especially those with recurrent urinary tract infections as it helps to alleviate the problem and prevents it.

Even though researchers have stated that more research needs to be conducted to prove its efficiency in the treatment of ulcers, breast and stomach cancers and cholesterol levels, it is still claimed to be a good source in fighting obesity as it contains organic acids that eat away fat deposits and flushing them out of the system.

Cranberry tea can be combined with other herbs for better flavour but aside from that, this tea have a tart and pleasant taste suitable for anytime of day.

The tea is so high in vitamins and antioxidants that protects you from dangerous diseases especially the vital organs like the heart, research has also indicated that this mouth tasting tea may also slow the growth of tumours.

Cranberry tea can be found in any health food store or your local supermarket, it is prepared by simply brewing one tea in a cup of hot water and let it steep for about ten minutes, sweeteners like honey or sugar can be added to taste or lemon for added benefits.

Having a cup of cranberry tea has so many health benefits, this tasty tea can improve your health drastically.