The Health Benefits of Early Grey Tea when Consumed

It’s pretty clear that teas come in a variety of colours and names, some you have never heard of before, one such tea is Early Grey, a black tea flavoured with the bergamot orange rind.

Named after British Prime Minister Earl Grey in the 1830’s. Bergamot orange which is less sour in taste and that the ordinary orange is known to have a very distinctive aroma with a refreshing taste.

Bergamot is not an edible fruit and is used mainly for the fragrant oil, the tea is rich in anti-oxidants which aids in the prevention of cancer, it also reduces stress because it can be used as an anti-depressant, the tea is also known to reduce fever and helps intestinal problems.

Due to the fact that the bergamot orange is used, the tea can be used as a mild antiseptic and can help with oral hygiene.

People who have consumed Earl Grey tea touted it for its distinctive flavour and aroma, consumption of the tea may also lower the risk of heart disease.


A study in 2012 done by researchers concluded that consuming the tea can also lower cholesterol levels and stress.

Early Grey has no calories, it contains potassium which aids in your body’s fluid balance, it is a natural source of flouride which protects your teeth from cavities and also gives you healthy gums.

It is one of the most popular teas in the West and although it is a relatively safe beverage it should be taken in moderation.

People all over the world loves Earl Grey tea and what it can do for the body. Consuming 2-3 cups of this exceptional tea daily will show significant improvement for your overall health as time goes by.

The same way that our bodies need water to stay hydrated tea can do that as well especially Earl Grey Tea.