The Health Benefits of Eating Egg

The information we can obtain about the benefits of the food we eat is unlimited, new studies are carried out every day that discover more and more benefits for life, especially with such important foods as the egg, which if we take a look at the past we will realize that he was confused and judged responsible for the increase of bad cholesterol, which was denied a few years ago.

Eggs are a great importance for life since they will obtain many benefits thanks to the important nutrients they contain, such as vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, biotin, Vitamins D, A, B2 and niacin) and minerals such as phosphorus, selenium, iron, iodine and zinc and amino acids all this make up a great food treasure required to have a healthy life.


The daily consumption of the egg helps meet the fundamental requirements of nutrients required for the healthy development of an individual, so it is essential for children, pregnant women, nursing women and the elderly to be the ones who are the stages of life that the body requires more than the nutrients mentioned.

The standard nutritional content of an egg is: 320 kilocalories, 16 (G) Carbohydrates, 20.5 (G) Proteins, 18.9 (G) Fats and 426 (MCG) Vitamin A equivalent, in terms of calories, a raw egg provides only 70 Calories, an amount similar to a piece of fruit, is ideal for a balanced diet.

Despite its fat content, the egg is recommended for diets with the aim of losing weight because, thanks to its high protein content, it causes those who consume it to control their appetite significantly.


New scientific studies recommend consuming at least 1 egg a day taking into account its high content of natural protein, which is extremely essential for the development of muscles, tendons, organs and skin and serves to produce enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and other molecules .

Due to all the mentioned nutrients it can be said that the eggs will help: improve vision, bones and muscles, improve brain health and keep you alert, can prevent heart disease and you can lose weight with a balanced diet that includes eggs.


Consuming egg besides being healthy can be said to be a versatile food since it is very simple to combine, it is mixed with most species, it is pleasant and easy to digest and it has a wide range of options to be cooked, all It will depend on your creativity and tastes.

How do you prefer it?
Crude, hard or scrambled?