The Health Benefits of Lucuma Nut Oil

Lucuma, also called lucmo or eggfruit, is a tree fruit native to the highlands of western Chile, Peru, and southern Ecuador. 

The fruits are ovate and yellow at maturity, with a dry yellow flesh. They can be eaten fresh, but commonly the fruit pulp is dehydrated and used as flavouring in desserts and beverages.

The lucuma nut oil that is being extracted from lucuma provides an agent that is useful for therapeutic or cosmetic maintenance of skin and scalp.

In one study, lucuma nut oil was found to accelerate wound healing and promote skin regeneration, suggesting further applications in medicine and skin care because it contains antifungal and antibiotic properties.  Lucuma Oil

It also has the ability to reduce the effects of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Lucuma is rich in beta-carotene that promotes the growth and repair of cells, which in turn reduces the signs of aging. Beta-carotene also acts as a sunscreen, protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The leaves of the lucuma tree are useful as well as it is found to have medicinal qualities.

They are used for treating skin problems like ring worm infections or impetigo. Apart from having medicinal values, the leaves are also used as an excellent dye for colouring textiles.

Lucuma is a very healthy and nutritious fruit that can be added to your daily diet. One of the great things about this fruit is that it is extremely tasty without being unhealthy. Its oil is useful in many ways as was suggested earlier.

For a healthier looking skin simply apply a drop or two to hands and spread over cleansed facial skin. Use twice daily for better   results a 100% natural oil.

Fresh lucuma is difficult to find (you can always grow your own), but you can easily find dried or powdered lucuma or at your local health store.