The Health Benefits of Nutmeg Oil

The nutmeg tree grows very tall and may reach up to seventy feet in height.

The nutmeg apple is similar to a peach, and contains the nut that produce the oil. Nutmeg oil is obtained from the seed of the nutmeg tree fruit in other words mutmeg oil is extracted by steam distillation from the dried seeds.

Separating the different parts of the nutmeg apple makes nutmeg oil.

The nut is removed and slowly dried, where it is sometimes put into capsules or made into an essential oil.

Nutmeg oil is sharp, spicy and has a musky aroma.

Nutmeg oil is used in ice cream, cakes, pies, and coffee as a flavoring additive.

Nutmeg Oil

The oil can be burned as incense and used as an air freshener due to its woody aroma.

Nutmeg oil is an essential part of Chinese medicine when it comes to treating abdominal pain and inflammation.

The therapeutic properties of nutmeg oil are analgesic, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, emmenagogue, laxative, parturient, stimulant and tonic.

Health Benefits

  • The woody aroma of nutmeg oil helps to remove bad breath. It is also antiseptic in nature and is effective for toothaches and aching gums because the oil also contains eugenol. As a result, it is also added to numerous toothpaste and mouthwashes.


  • Nutmeg oil enhances concentration and increases your overall efficiency at study and work.


  • Nutmeg oil is a good stimulant for the mind and body. Its relaxing aroma comforts the body, increases blood circulation, and therefore helps those who have poor blood circulation.


  • Nutmeg oil is good for indigestion, flatulence, vomiting, and diarrhea.


  • Nutmeg oil is used in pharmaceutical products, especially as an ointment. It can relieve chronic pain, like rheumatic pain and arthritis.
  • For immediate relief of pain, rub nutmeg oil on the area.


  • Detoxification is an important factor of good health. Diet, pollution, stress, tobacco, medication, and other external substances can lead to the build-up of toxins in your organs.   EThe liver and kidney are two of the organs where this toxic build-up usually develops. As a tonic, nutmeg oil can clean your liver and kidney and remove these toxins.

Nutmeg oil should be kept out of the reach of children.

If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consults a healthcare practioner before use.