The Health Benefits of Pili Nut Oil

Pili scientifically known as Canarium ovatum is a tropical tree that belongs to the Burseraceae family, native to Malesia and is also cultivated in the Philippines.

The fruit is enclosed in a hard shell which, when ripe, has a thick, dark skin.

Nutritionally, the kernel is high in manganese, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, and rich in fats and protein. It yields light yellowish oil, mainly of glycerides of oleic (44.4 to 59.6%) and palmitic acids (32.6 to 38.2%).

Pili oil is extracted from the nut of the Pili fur which is grown on the Pili tree and is similar to olive oil, but the pili nut has more beta carotene, which makes it more nutritious.

Pili nut oil contains anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and soothing therapeutic properties. Pili Nut Oil

It also has a purgative effect, which assists people going through detoxification.

Pili nut oil is popular used in the cosmetic industry for improvement of skin and hair because of its anti-aging agent and hair enhancer and is also used for stress relief, regulate cholesterol levels, aid in weight loss, strengthens the immune system, beneficial for proper digestion and boost metabolism, helps with kidney problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and cancer, dental care, and bone strength.

Pili Nuts are packed with amino acids which help to improve health and protect the body from a variety of illnesses.

Pili nut oil is a good source of vitamin E which is beneficial to support healthy skin so now we know the reason behind its use in cosmetics, and it also gives protection against various diseases due to its antioxidant qualities.

Vitamin E also protects against cholesterol turning into plaque, thus helping prevent cardiovascular and thrombotic diseases.

Pilli nut oil can be used in various dishes like salad dishes, and is widely used in Chinese cuisines.