The Health Benefits of Schizandra Oil

Schizandra is a beautiful plant which grows on vines, often literally wrapping up or hugging huge cedar trees and is extremely good for health and beauty. 

Schizandra berry is commonly found in China, Korea, and Russia, although it is native to Northern China.

In ancient China, it was considered a staple food of hunting and gathering tribes.

Schizandra berries are packed with numerous health benefits and its oil is even better.

These bright red berries have a unique and very unusual taste and a really unforgettable aroma.

Schizandra has been used for thousands of years, is a phenomenal adaptogen which in English means it helps the mind; body and soul counteract any stressful situation we may encounter and makes us less prone to disease as well.

Schizandra oil works to improve the function of the sex organs and sexual stamina in both men and women.

It can also be used to treat skin irritations and protect the liver too.

Schizandra Berries Oil

The oil is also very useful for premenstrual disorder and promotes a healthy immune system.

It aids post-surgical healing and reduces tension and anxiety. It is also very good for lowering the cholesterol level of the body.

This oil is very useful in improving eyesight problems, muscles and helps in increasing the energy cells within the body.

The oil also helps in slowing down premature aging.

Schizandra oil is safe to take orally but should be avoided during pregnancy because it is a uterine stimulant.

Schizandra Berry is also not advisable for people who have peptic ulcers, very high blood pressure, epilepsy, intracranial pressure, and gallstones or any blockages of the bile ducts. If you have never used oils on your skin, it is advisable to perform a skin-patch test to check for any allergic reaction.

The use of oils has a long history and many prominent healers in history have made use, and believed in, the healing power of these extracts.