The Health Benefits of Skullcap Herbal Tea

Skullcap is a plant a beautiful perennial and member of the Lamiaceae mint family. Its leaves and tiny flowers are dried for teas, tinctured, or powdered and encapsulated.


For centuries, skullcap tea has been used by Native Americans and herbalists to help with a number of different health conditions. Sufferers of insomnia have been able to get to sleep and rest soundly after drinking a cup of the tea.


The tea is frequently recommended by herbalists as a way to combat high blood pressure, and those recovering from a night of heavy drinking can usually find a bit of relief by using this calming tea.


This herbal remedy is also great for reducing inflammation, making it effective for those that suffer from arthritis. It also has the ability to reduce fevers and headaches.


Furthermore the antihistamine and antioxidant capabilities of this tea make it excellent for cleansing the body of harmful disease and infection. Drinking it before bed can help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.


One of the best known Chinese skullcap benefits is its apparent ability to treat cancer. Animal studies suggest that Chinese skullcap may promote apoptosis, a process by which cancer cells are killed.

Skullcap Herb Tea
Skullcap Herb Tea

Studies have not verified this effect in humans, so you should not attempt to self-treat your cancer with skullcap. American and Chinese skullcap both has health benefits and can be useful additions to your herb cabinet. Remember to check with your doctor before you add any herbal supplement to your diet.


“Because skullcap is believed to lower blood sugar levels, some herbalists prescribe it for diabetes symptoms; however UMM’s site mentions that, although animal studies show the herb may help decrease diabetes symptoms, much more study is needed to prove this result”.


Do not use the herb if you take benzodiazepines such as Xanax or Valium, barbiturates, insomnia drugs such as Ambien or Lunesta, tricyclic antidepressants, or if you drink alcohol.