The Health Benefits of Tarragon Tea

Tarragon is a popular herb used for culinary purposes that also offers medicinal benefits when consumed as tea. Also commonly known as estragon and dragon herb, this perennial plant is native to most of the Northern Hemisphere including Europe, Asia, India, western North America and parts of northern Mexico.

Whether added to foods as a seasoning or taken as a supplement, there are many good reasons for making tarragon a part of an overall diet. When preparing tarragon tea use 1 tbsp. fresh tarragon leaves to 8 to 10 oz. of boiling water let steep for five minutes, add sweeteners like honey to taste.

Tarragon Tea

It is recommended to drink at least two cups per day, once in the morning and in the evening. It can help you to sleep, can also relieve gas and may help cure hiccups. 

To treat indigestion add a little grated ginger. Be sure to use fresh tarragon, because once dried it loses many of its medicinal and flavourful qualities.

Tarragon being a rich source of vitamin C helps boosts the immune system of the body. It helps prevent strain on the immune system, preventing a variety of infections and ailments.

Tarragon is a potent vermifuge, which helps eradicate round worms and tape worms from the intestines, thereby preventing digestive ailments. It helps prevent the loss of nutrients from the body, thereby maintaining the overall physiology.

It has anti-rheumatic substance which helps prevent and cure rheumatic arthritis by removing toxins from the body and promoting blood circulation in the body, including lymph. It also helps relieve fatigue, and induces a feeling of well being.

Tarragon has been proven useful as a supplement for women who suffer from suppressed menstruation. It has also been promoted as a means for maintaining the overall health of the female reproductive tract.

However, it has been found that tarragon should not be used for these reasons while pregnant or nursing. The appropriate dosage of this herb will depend on several factors including age, overall health and other medical conditions.