The Health Benefits Of The Consumption Of Assam Tea

Black tea, the second most popular beverage in the world and is known to be a part of medicinal tradition for thousands of years.

One such black tea is Assam Tea, popularly known as Breakfast or Irish Breakfast Tea, brewed from the dark green leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the tea is known for its sweet aroma and a rich malty taste, so strong that many people add sweeteners to it.

Originated in India and got its name from a region there, Assam Tea is known for a number of health benefits.

It contains caffeine, vitamin B1 and a rich source of anti-oxidants which protect our bodies from free radicals.

Assam Tea

Many people may not have heard about it but it is consumed regular in England, packed with so many health benefits that you will definitely want to try a cup, this outstanding tea is known to lower the risk of getting a stroke, heart attack, reduces stress, improve memory, relieves tension and strengthens the immune system thus protecting you from cold and influenza (flu), Assam Tea is claimed to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease or any other disease that is known to affect the brain, the tea also improves blood circulation and oral health as it protects the teeth and fights against cavities. 

This extra-ordinary tea is best consumed in the morning and at nights as it is known to revitalize your body, even though it can be drank at anytime of the day.

Assam Tea have quite a long history but to make it short, back in 1823 a Scottish adventurer Robert Bruce discovered the Assam tea bush growing wild in Assam, a region in India.

The tea is prepared by using one teaspoon of tea leaves or a tea bag with a cup of hot water and let it steep for about five minutes, sweeteners can be added to taste preferably lemon for added benefits.

Assam tea is a very good choice to have as apart of your daily diet, this burgundy looking tea is so tasty, more like a fruity taste, so nutritious that it will give your body a boosts to start your day, it can also be blended with other black teas.

During preparation, too much milk must not be added as it will reduce potency (effectiveness), so, why not take advantage of this mouth tasting tea? A fresh start to your day!