The Health Benefits of Tuberose Oil

Tuberos (Polianthes tuberosa) is a flowering plant belonging to the lily (Amaryllidaceae) family.

The tuberose flower blooms at night and is often referred to as the “Mistress of the Night”.

Its oil is extracted by solvent extraction from the fresh flowers, picked before the petals open, a plant native to Mexico and Central America but is also grown in other countries like France known for its sweet, exotic, complex floral aroma and is touted for its highly concentrated scent, its no second guessing why perfume makers love this oil so much?

Tuberose oil contains aphrodisiac, deodorant, relaxing, sedative, and warming therapeutic properties.

Tuberose Oil

Tuberose oil is very effective in treating frigidity and lack of libido. Some components of this oil stimulate those parts of the brain that are responsible for arousal, sexual feelings, and libido, both when used in aromatherapy or taken internally.

It calms the nerves and gives relief from stress, tension, anxiety, depression, anger, nervous afflictions, convulsions, cramps, spasmodic coughs, and diarrhea.

The long-lasting fragrance of Tuberose oil makes it a perfect pick for dealing with problems like body odor due to the presence of bacteria in the sweat. It is for this reason; tuberose oil has been in use in the perfume industry for centuries.

It is also effective in treating insomnia and increases blood circulation in the body thus reducing the risk of a variety of diseases.

Tuberose oil can be used as a tonic for coughs and in some cases has been used effectively as a treatment for malarial fever.

Among other wonderful benefits of tuberose oil are its medicinal skin properties. This lovely oil helps skin get rid of infections and cracks. The oil is useful in nausea, vomiting, and other problems.

Tuberose oil is known to be non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-sensitizing. Nevertheless, tuberose oil should be used in moderation.