The Health Benefits of Yarrow Tea

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a flowering plant native to Asia, Europe and North America.

The yarrow is a part of the Native Americans traditional medicine for its different usages like to aid in pain relief such as head, tooth and earache, treating burns and wounds to revival from coma.

The most common use of yarrow is to make a tea or it can be combined with other types of herbs as a mixture.

Yarrow tea acts as a diaphoretic, diuretic, astringent, digestive, bitter tonic, antimicrobial, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, antihistamine, emmenagogue, and expectorant, haemostatic, alterative

The diuretic properties of yarrow tea help to keep the body cleansed and also help to promote the strong function of the urinary tract.

Yarrow Tea

This can be excellent for helping to expel toxins in the body and can also be helpful for preventing the onset of unwanted bladder infections.

The antimicrobial actions of this tea can also discourage bacteria from the body, which is also highly useful for helping to prevent urinary tract infections.

Among the uses of yarrow tea, it can also help to promote digestion as well as relieve mild cases of indigestion.

Constituents in yarrow tea help to encourage the secretion of digestive enzymes in the system to help better promote good function.

Consuming a cup of this tea with or after a meal may be very beneficial for encouraging the proper digestion which can help your body absorb all the nutrients that it needs.

Yarrow tea can be used as a hair rinse to stimulate the scalp and help to fight hair loss.

Yarrow tea is an excellent choice for influenza (flu) as it promotes sweating and helps reduce fevers and is also beneficial for blood circulation.

To prepare yarrow tea, simply take one tea bag and place it in one cup of boiled water.

Cover and allow it to steep for ten minutes. You can remove the teabag and add sweeteners like honey, sugar, or lemon depending on your preference and must not be consumed more than three times a day.

Yarrow tea must not be consumed during pregnancy without consulting a health care provider.