The Many Health Benefits of Honey Bush Tea when Consumed‏

Honey Bush Tea, a herbal tea native to South Africa, known for its delicious taste and an aroma you wouldn’t want to pass out on. It has so many health benefits and treats any ailments.

Herbal tea is one of the best form of medication anyone could choose and the use of herbal teas dates back to over thousands of years ago.

Honey bush tea is one such herbal tea that has been used because of its many benefits.

A good source of vitamins and anti-oxidants, the sweet flavour of honey bush tea is among the you can try because of its sweet taste, and as you all know honey is sweet so children would also enjoy it.

Honey bush got its name simply because its flower smells like honey and the leaves are used to make herbal tea.


It grows only in some parts of South Africa. In preparing this delicious tea the leaves are harvested, cut, bruised and then left in the sun to oxidize.

Honey bush is low in tannin (a reddish acid that comes from plants). The tea is known to boost your body’s immune system and as such protects you from cold and influenza (flu), it also helps to alleviate or prevent asthma along with chest congestions.

This special tea is rich in various vitamins such as iron, zinc, calcium, copper, potassium, sodium, magnesium and lots of anti-oxidants, which have proven to be very useful in lowering fats in the bloodstream and hold many cancer fighting properties.

Because of its many vitamins and minerals and the fact that it provides enormous health benefits, it is no second guessing in having a cup of this remarkable tea on a daily basis.

This fantastic tea can ease your stomach cramps, discomfort with digestion, nausea and constipation.

This tea is not known for any side effects but it doesn’t hurt to consult a doctor first. Honey bush is claimed to aid in the relief of menstrual cramps or any other discomfort.

The tea is prepared by simply seeping one tea bag in hot water for a few minutes, sweeteners can be added to taste or can be consumed without any sweetener.

Honey bush tea contains no caffeine and even though the tea is known for its health benefits without any side effects, special care must be taken before taking any herbal teas especially in pregnant women.

Honey bush tea can be found around the world at any health food store, so, probably the next time you go shopping, you can try the famous Honey Bush Tea.