Vegetarian capsules VS Gelatin capsules

Capsules are one of the easiest ways of taking medications or the desired supplements. It is one most common delivery method. These capsules provides various advantages in this regard, they are inexpensive, easy dissolving, and are way easy to be filled at home.


There are mainly two kinds of empty capsules that are available everywhere. These are vegetarian and gelatin capsules. They both serve the same function but there are some basic differences that should be known by consumers.

Empty Gelatin capsules, as referred by name are made up of gelatin which is an animal by-product basically formed from collagen.

The proteins in it come from connective tissues of animal and in some cases directly from the animal organs.


There are various advantages of gelatin capsules as it is comparatively less expensive and is available in so many sizes, colors and tastes but there are some restrictions as you cannot fill them with liquids.

These capsules are not used by the people having religious or dietary restrictions as it is made of animal by-products.

Vegetarian capsules however are made up of cellulose coming from plants or vegetables fulfilling the need of the consumers with the religious and dietary restrictions.

They are also kosher and halal certified making them popular for all these customers. Being natural and non- toxic, the probability of potential health risks are minimal.

They also are compatible with semi solid or liquid gels making them more in use.