Western Underground Orchid

The Western Underground Orchid was, accidentally discovered in 1928 is a subterranean species which makes a fantastic discovery.

Botanists have stated that they are unaware of how many of these unique flowers exist.

The Orchid lives and blooms entirely beneath the surface. It is a rare, remarkable and incredible type of plant.


The Orchid is endemic to Western Australia. It is very rare, and there is a suggestion that there is only six known, population of which there are fewer than fifty mature plants that are believed to exist.

According to some reports, the flowers open up a few centimetres under the soil.

They are very fragrant; there is a thought that ants, termites, and beetles are the primary pollinators.

The resulting seeds take up to six months to mature and are fleshy.

It is, hypothesised the chances of successful reproduction for this species are quite low.