Witches’ Butter – Exidia glandulosa

Exidia glandulosa, also known Black Witch’s or Witches’ Butter, maybe because of its butter-like consistency and greasy surface when wet, it has a cloudy colour which occurs throughout the year on dead hardwood.

In wet weather Witches’ Butter, turns black and jelly-like; however, during prolonged dry spells it shrinks to a series of cone-shaped olive-brown crusts.



The individual fruitbodies sometimes come together to form larger blobs.

The best time to search for jelly fungi is autumn and winter and indeed most other jelly fungi although they can fruit at any time of the year.

It is essential that one does not eat any mushroom unless you are certain of its identity.

Make sure that you collaborate with, any information from individuals or organisations who know about the type of fungus that can be, safely eaten