Wolffia arrhiza

Wolffia arrhiza a species of flowering plant known by the common names rootless duckweed and spotless watermeal, the plant belong to the Araceae, a family rich in water-loving species, such as Arum and Pistia.

It is the smallest vascular plant on Earth.

This type of plant is a genus of nine to eleven species which include the smallest flowering plants on Earth.




Commonly called watermeal or duckweed, these aquatic plants resemble specks of cornmeal floating on the water.

The Wolffia arrhiza is an evergreen Perennial.

It is in leaf all year, in flower all year, and the seeds ripen all year.

The species is hermaphrodite has both male and female organs.

Suitable for: light, medium, and heavy clay soil and can grow in very alkaline soils.

It cannot grow in the shade. It can grow in water.

Wolffia rarely exceeds 1 mm in length.

The forms of Wolffia, in contrast to other Lemnaceae, possess volumetric, thick fronds of a globular shape, sometimes sealed on the dorsal side.

They always float on the surface of the water.