Avocado and its health benefits

Holy Guacamole! Who would have believed such a tasty dip is mainly the avocado, pear? The creamy, rich and buttery taste is so great you can’t help but feel guilty after having an avocado.

This fruit must be packed with calories! However, it is not. Doctors recommend it to persons on a weight-loss diet.

Pretty skin, strong heart, and lower cholesterol are just a few benefits we receive from this tasty fruit.
The rich, succulent and buttery inside is hidden behind dark green or purple skin that is weltered.

The egg-shaped fruit, which deserves to be served on a golden platter, has a large seed inside and is soft in texture.


The avocado, also known  as butter pear or alligator pear is a tree native to Mexico and Central America. Although originated in Mexico, it is an integral part of many countries’ diet.

In Jamaica, it is most popularly eaten with bulla, a hard cake-like pastry. The avocado is used as great garnish to almost every meal.

Rice and peas with avocado, avocado omlet, avocado salad, and bread and avocado are just a few ways the fruit is eaten.

A research conducted in 2009 in Japan has shown that avocado is capable of boosting the production of healthy cells that can inhibit and destroy oral cancer cells, protect against liver damage, increase blood flow and lower cholesterol.

When you really think about it, even though Mexican food is considered unhealthy, how often do you hear about a Mexican having a heart-attack.

It does not even happen in the movies. Could this be because they have a guacamole dip for almost every occasion?

Well, If you have nothing but love for your avocados, and you take joy in turning them into guacamole, all you need is someone to share it with.

Whether it is a garnish, a part of the diet or just a snack, include it and the healthy benefits will be boosted.