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Folic acid

Reason For Folic Acid Intake‏

Folic acid, is popularly known by many especially women who have had children as this is a very important vitamin for pregnant women or those who are of childbearing age and is considered to be a “pregnancy hero”.   Folic acid or Folate is a B vitamin and an excellent source of More >

Vitamin K has several important functions.

The Health Benefits Of Consuming Foods With Vitamin K‏

During the 1930s some chickens in America were fed on a diet of pellets, but they later died from internal bleeding. It was found that this could be prevented by including vegetables in their diet.

Scientists later discovered that vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables like spinach, contain a chemical substance which More >

Benefits of Vitamin D

The Health Benefits of Getting Vitamin D In Our Body‏

Vitamin, a substance that is required by the body in small amounts but which the body cannot make and is therefore required to be supplied in the daily diet. Vitamins are very important for our bodies just the same as water and vitamin D is one such vitamin that we definitely More >

Kou Tea – Weight Loss – Reviews

Kou Tea Review – Weight Loss Green Tea Drink!

Obesity has become a widespread problem these days;  therefore the weight loss market has expanded highly launching a new supplement each day.

Slimming Kou tea is considered one of the best alternatives to diet supplements and also a safe way to lose weight,  unlike some of More >

How to get bigger chest

A fit and perfect shaped body is desired by all men and majority of them also wish to have a big chest.  The right type of diet along with right exercise can help one to get a bigger chest.


Bench press exercise like push ups and barbell or dumbbell bench press More >