Green Tea for Various Health Issues

It has been said that green tea is a natural remedy and it is beneficial for pain and other medical problems. The history of green tea can be traced down since ages.

People used to have green tea during the ancient times; it is still as valuable and good as in ancient times.

Green tea helps burn fat  It can help speed up the metabolic rate because its antioxidant effect helps the liver to function more efficiently.

According to studies drinking green tea three times a day burned up 200 extra calories a day. The green tea drinkers also found that their energy levels were greatly increased.


Green tea protects against heart disease It has been shown to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, because its potent antioxidant effects inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the arteries.

The formation of abnormal blood clots (thrombosis) is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke, and green tea has been shown to inhibit abnormal blood clot formation as effectively as aspirin.

Green tea can help lower blood pressure a major cause of hypertension.

Popular drugs for hypertension act as ACE inhibitors: by blocking the effects of ACE, blood pressure is reduced.

Green tea is a natural ACE inhibitor, and several medical studies show lowered blood pressure in animals and humans given green tea extracts.

Green tea can help protect against diabetes when starch is consumed, it requires the enzyme amylase to break it down into simple sugars that can be absorbed in the bloodstream.

Green tea polyphenols inhibit amylase, and so can help lower blood sugar levels. High blood levels of glucose and insulin predispose people to diabetes.

Green tea can help prevent food poisoning as it can kill bacteria, drinking green tea with meals may reduce the risk of bacterial food poisoning.