Health Benefits of Lime Oil

Lime is a round, green citrus fruit and contains a sour pulp enriched with vitamin C and powerful antioxidants and is said to be originated in Asia but is popularly grown all over the world.

Lime oil can be extracted by cold expression or by steam distillation because both the fruit and the unripe skin can be used to extract oil.

Lime Oil

Lime oil contains antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, aperitif, bactericidal, disinfectant, febrifuge, haemostatic, restorative and tonic therapeutic properties and is commonly used in perfumes, cleaning products, and aromatherapy and is considered a natural immune system booster and a natural anxiety remedy especially for panic attacks.

Health Benefits

Lime oil may help regulate blood pressure, especially due to stress.

Add a drop to each glass of water throughout your day to increase energy levels and boost your mood.

Applied externally, lime oil can cure infections on the skin and in wounds.

Lemon oil helps to fight and protect against viral infections, which may cause the common cold and influenza.

Lime oil tones muscles, tissues and skin as well as the various systems that function in the body, including the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive and excretory systems.

Lime oil can reduce pain in the muscles and joints and is a very good antioxidant.

When consumed, lime oil is known to effectively aid in curing infections of the throat, mouth, colon, stomach, intestines, and urinary system. It is also miraculously effective in curing sores, psoriasis, ulcers, and rashes.

Mix 2-3 drops of lime oil in 1 ounce of water. Mix well, and then place on cotton ball. Gently apply to affected area for acne. Can also be used as a toner for oily skin.

For varicose veins, mix 2-3 drops in carrier oil and massage on affected area.

For arthritis and rheumatism, use 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage on affected area.

Lime oil has many more health benefits, a very useful citrus fruit to have around the house.