The Health Benefits of Mosambi (Sweet lime)

Mosambi or sweet lime is a citrus fruit found mostly in south-east Asia.

Mosambi fruits are small green citrus fruit of round oval shape, which turns yellow when ripe as with most fruits.

Mosambi is somewhat similar to lemon in appearance, but it has a sweeter taste similar to orange.

Mosambi juice is very popular in India and Pakistan and is not acidic in spite of belonging to the citrus family.

The acid content in mosambi is known to flush out toxins from the bowel tracts. Moreover, the fruit contains dietary fiber which enables the roughage to act as a purgative treatment for those suffering from constipation.

Sweet Lime

Lime juice with a pinch of salt is often recommended to people with constipation problems.

Mosambi juice can be beneficial in case of diabetes too, for this purpose, you can mix 2 teaspoons mosambi juice, 4 teaspoons amla juice and 1 teaspoon honey and take this on an empty stomach every morning for best results.

Essences and extracts from fresh limes are used in a host of cosmetic care products such as soaps, hair oils, body oils, mouth washes, tooth pastes and deodorants.

Limes come in several varieties and the size and shape of lemons differ depending on the area.

The fragrance that lemons exude can increase the secretion of digestive saliva, which helps to digest the food quickly.

The flavonoids in lime can stimulate the digestive system as well as increase the digestive juices, acids and bile.

The compounds in lime also work on the peristaltic motion. So, this gives you a good reason to tuck into some piquant lemon pickle with your food.

Being low in fat and calories, mosambi juice helps in reducing weight.

You can drink a mixture of mosambi juice and honey to burn extra calories along with exercise.

Due to its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, this juice protects the eyes from infections and muscular degeneration.

Washing your eyes with a few drops of mosambi juice mixed in plain or salt water can help in treating infections like conjunctivitis.

Sweet limes are very versatile and can be included in fruit and vegetable salads as well as in bakes and other dishes.

A lime juice recipe can come in handy whether you use it to mix drinks or marinade meats.

Sweet lime juice is refreshing after any hectic activity or on a dry, hot day to quench your thirst.