Health Benefits of Ohelo Berries – Vaccinium reticulatum

Ohelo Berries Scientific Name Vaccinium reticulatum is a small evergreen shrub. A species within the family Ericaceae.

This particular species is, also known by the common names such as Tree Ohelo and Ohelo Kau La’au.

It grows at high elevations on the Islands of Hawaii and Maui, and also grows well in subtropical, or Mediterranean climates and well-drained soils.

It is a perennial plant which bears flower from April to September and fruits in autumn.

Ohelo berries are healthy for consumption. It has a sweet taste, has numerous small seeds in it.


The beans can be red, orange, yellow, purple and blue. Ohelo is consumed raw but is tart in taste.

However, they are cooked and made into jellies, jams, spreads and pies.
The fruits are, also used as an appetiser.

Vaccinium reticulatum has an adequate amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins which helps to maintain the health.

Some of the health benefits are it can help scurvy, treats cancer, colds, lead toxicity, eye health, measles, skin health, urinary stones and enhance the immune system.

The intake of Ohelo berries juice in the body helps to treat stomach pains.

It also promotes the digestion of food. Medicinally the plant can be mixed with other plants which can treat abdominal pain.