Health Benefits of Rowan Berries

Rowanberry scientific name Sorbus aucuparia, belong to the rose family, Rosaceae often called rowanberries are small, acidic fruits that grow on rowan or mountain-ash shrubs or trees.

There are dozens of different cultivars and species. Rowan berries are pomes as berries are a single fruit.


The Rowan Berries has some great health benefits which include its ability to boost the immune system, improve digestion, reduce the risk of cancer, strengthen the respiratory system, and several bacterial infections.

Rowan berries can be eaten raw, but not in large amount; firstly they taste extreme.

So to eat some raw Rowan Berries is no problem, but eating lots of them without being cooked and sweetened is not advisable because in large, amounts, they can be poisonous and they taste too bad.


Rowan berries contain the compound sorbic acid that can prevent bacterial growth and replication in the body.

The berries are frequently used in topical antiseptic preparations due to this property, but can also be used to help minimise the duration of infection.