Health Benefits of Strawberry Snow White

Strawberry Snow White an unusual white variety with vivid red seeds that make a refreshing change to your fruit salads and ice cream.

This popular crop produces fruit with a lovely flavour, often likened to pineapple and will be a great addition to any dessert.

They have an exquisite taste, more aromatic than the red varieties.


The plant is grown in precisely the same way as regular strawberries, either in the ground, containers or hanging baskets and will be harvest at the same time around June.

White strawberries contain many of the same nutrients as red strawberries.

They do lack; however, a protein related to ripening that is thought to be the primary constituent responsible for strawberry allergies known as Fragaria allergen.

It may be possible for an individual with a strawberry allergy to consume white strawberries without adverse side effects or allergic reactions.

However, this must only be, attempted under medical supervision.