The Health Benefits of Ashoka Herb

The Ashoka tree is a rainforest tree, a small evergreen herb. It was originally found mainly in the central part of the Deccan plateau and in the middle part of the Western Ghats in western India and belongs to the family of legumes and is a part of the subfamily Caesalpiniaceae.

The Ashoka tree’s dried bark contains tannins, sterol, catechol, and other organic calcium compounds.

The powered bark of the tree also contains aluminum, strontium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, sodium, and silica.

The Ashoka herb also has a nourishing effect on the circulatory system, thereby making it an effective remedy in arrhythmia and cardiac weakness.

Ashoka Herb

The tree is mainly used in medicine for female problems but it may have anti-depressant properties in its leaves according to one research study.

It is said to keep women healthy and youthful and is mainly used for gynaecological problems and also in cosmetics to improve complexion.

The bark of the tree is also used for medicinal purposes. It is cooling, soothing, pungent and dry.

It allays thirst and burning sensation, expels worms, and removes swelling and blood impurities.

It may also have an impact on the central nervous system but there has only been one study so far, so it is early to come to a conclusion.

Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine native to India and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine.

Ayurveda has been using ashoka for menorrhagia traditionally. A preparation made from ashoka tree known as ashokarishta is given for this disease and also for uterine infections.

It helps stop vaginal bleeding and is also best recommended remedy to treat vaginal discharge.

Simply prepare a decoction of Ashoka bark or drink 8 ml of it daily or 10 ml bark juice of Ashoka tree once a day. 

It can also fight against fever, cold and infections as it possesses anti-bacterial properties.

It is advised that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not consume any products produced from Ashoka tree.