The Health Benefits of Bobea Herb

Bobea is a small, deciduous shrub with a round, slender, reddish stem and bear alternate, ovate or oblong-ovate, finely serrate leaves which are dull green on top, 2 inches long with 3 prominent parallel veins and finely hairy beneath.

Native Americans used a tea made from the whole plant for skin problems, skin cancer, and venereal sores.

Good for dysentery, piles, is effective in syphilis and also gonorrhoea.

Combined with fringe tree and goldenseal, it is good for headache, acute indigestion, and nausea due to poor activity of the liver.

Historically it was believed that its tea use as a gargle every two hours will reduce sore, swollen tonsils.

Bobea Herb

If tonsils are very sore and swollen, make a swab and work around good and then gargle.

It will reduce very badly enlarged tonsils, and the trouble will rarely recur. It is also believed to be useful for spleen problems.

Bobea is believed to be beneficial in a range of lung conditions, like recurrent bronchitis, consumption, strong cough, and asthma.

Additionally it is suggested as a gargle for throat and mouth inflammations, sores, and enlarged tonsils in particular.

In the early times of America each part of bobea was applied for skin conditions (like venereal ulcers and skin cancer).

The tea was also practiced as a mood elevating remedy for patients of different diseases, who suffered from depression associated with their condition.

Medicinal herbs are in use for thousands of years and are renowned for their effectiveness in many diseases.

These natural herbs are very effective in boosting the immune system, increasing the body’s resistance to infections, healing the allergies, and raising and renewing the body vitality.

For an infusion take one teaspoon of root bark and fill it up with a cup of water.

Infuse the combination then and take 1-2 cups per day. Before taking any herbal supplements always remember to consult a health care provider before use.