The Health Benefits of Pellitory Herb

Pellitory-of-the-wall is a member of the Urticaceae family of plants and so is related to nettles and hops but not pellitory.


The only member of its genus (Parietaria) that is native to the British Isles, and is native to Western Europe through to western Asia and the Caucasus, a plant rich in the mineral potassium and along with the flavonoids it contains which include quercetin and kaempferol, may explain its potent diuretic action.

Pellitory Herb
Pellitory Herb


This plant bears deep green leaves, minute flowers have a greenish hue and diminutive capsules enclosing seeds whose colour range from dark brown to black.


While the plant bears the female flowers at the tip of the stems, the male flowers emerge in clusters in the leaf axils.


This herb also possesses very effectual diuretic properties and is a perfect medication to increase urination (micturition).


Pellitory of the wall is considered to be among the best resources when it is essential to enhance the flow of urine.


It is believed that the flavonoids present in the herb as well as its rich potassium content are responsible for this particular attribute of the plant.


This herb is also effective for treating metabolic ailments wherein the main point is to get rid of the bodily liquids, for instance, obesity or diabetes. In addition, the herb pellitory of the wall is also effective in treating cellulite.


Sometimes people apply pellitory-of-the-wall directly to the skin for treating burns and wounds.It may be used with benefit in cystitis and peylitis.


The juice of the fresh herb, made into thin syrup will stimulate the kidneys in the same way as the infusion of the dried herb.


Pellitory-of-the-wall might be safe for most people, but the potential side effects of pellitory-of-the-wall are not known.


Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important.


Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.