The Health Benefits of Speedwell Herb

Speedwell is a hardy plant, thriving in most stony or gravelly soils that are slightly acidic.  

It is a perennial with a creeping rootstock and opposite leaves and a spike that grows from 5 to 10 inches high and has many small, purple flowers.

The Speedwell or Veronica plant is indigenous native to Europe, Asia and North America. It is used as a tonic to tone the body.

It is used in syrups and elixirs, but mostly it is used as a tea.

A decoction of the whole plant can be used to stimulate the kidneys and the leaves were thought to be good for coughs.

The juice from the fresh plant was boiled with honey to make syrup for asthma and catarrh.

The polyphenols in this plant have potent antioxidant activities and it also contains the omega-3 fatty acids.

Speedwell Herb

Its tea also offers a variety of health benefits too; the leaves and roots of speedwell are astringent, gently diuretic, stomachic, slightly expectorant and stimulant.

There are many types of Speedwell tea solutions, such as infusions, tonics or tinctures.

Also, pressing the smashed plant on an open cut will calm your pain and bring relief if you are suffering from irritated skin.

Recent studies have shown Speedwell tea may be an effective preventative treatment for ulcers.

To make this wonderful tea, use 1-2 tsp. of dried herb per cup of hot water.

Speedwell can also be used in skin preparations such as lotions or herbal salves, to heal eczema, cuts, rashes and sores.

The flowering plant is also used to treat common gastrointestinal ailments, metabolic disorders and lower urinary tract infections. 

The recommended dosage of tea (as an expectorant) is one cup taken two to three times daily. 

Its tea can also be found in the form of tea bags, consult a health care provider before consuming any herb as our bodies react differently to herbs or any medication.