The Health Benefits of Tumbo Fruit

The banana passionfruit or tumbo is native and commonly found in the wild in Andean valleys from Venezuela and eastern Colombia to Bolivia and Peru.

They look somewhat like a straight, small banana with rounded ends. It was given this name in New Zealand, where passionfruit are also prevalent.

The pulp is eaten out-of-hand or is strained for its juice which is not consumed alone but employed in refreshing mixed cold beverages. Tumbo has many digestible seeds.

They are covered in an orange, succulent, and delicious coat that contains not only the seed but wonderfully flavoured pulp. Sweet with just a bit of sour, the tumbo is perfect for beating thirst this dry season.

In Bolivia, the juice, combined with aguardiente and sugar, is served as a pre-dinner cocktail.

Normally tumbos are quiet acidic and tart, therefore seldom eaten raw. You can best enjoy the flavour of tumbo when processed to refreshing juices, jams and ice cream.

It is low in calories, and yet is rich in minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and iron and vitamins A, B, and C.

The tumbo is also known for having therapeutic properties; it works against kidney stones, urinary tract problems, and stomach aches.

Tumbo Fruit


Most people have a tumbo vine in their gardens or fields. The women take charge of planting it and making sure it grows properly. Regularly drinking tumbo juice is also said to help reduce kidney pains.

Banana passionfruit is abundant with vitamin C, an anti-oxidant which safeguards you from the harm free-radicals cause, avoiding premature aging as well as keeping the immune system powerful.

Along with 71 milligrams for each cup, one serving provides you with all the vitamin C you’ll need every day. Additionally, it provides you with 10 % of the foliate you will need.

The fruit’s nutrition focus on cholesterol-reducing levels within the body, in addition, the high fiber content indicates a serving of the fruit satiates your hunger as well as keeps you full, so that you do not overeat on various other food items and is beneficial for weight loss.