The pink fish health benefits

It is a marine eurethaline fish that can be found distributed on the coasts of the Arctic Ocean and along the entire Pacific Ocean coast of the north, from China to southern California; although you can get introduced in some water tanks in Iran. It is the most common species found.

It has great economic value for those who benefit from it, it can be commercialized in cans, fresh or smoked. To prevail the species, it has been carried for its breeding in different lakes and lagoons.

But what nutritional value does it have for us? Salmon protein is easy to digest and absorb by the body. Salmon contains substances that can prevent diseases such as cancer. The main benefit that salmon gives us is that it is an excellent source of fatty acids.


 We can find the main acids such as EPA, DHA and Omega-3. In addition to containing important minerals such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium, selenium, iron, among others; there are also vitamins such as D, B2 and B12.

Omega-3, a fatty acid mentioned above and present in salmon, helps reduce cholesterol. Almost always, nutritionists often recommend the inclusion of this fish in the diet to prevent or even after a heart attack in order to lower cholesterol and triglycerides; also to pregnant women, making good effects on the fetus and the mother.

Among the benefits of eating salmon, we can also emphasize the fact that it speeds up your metabolism. This facilitates the absorption of sugar, thus decreasing your blood sugar level. Including the decrease of lipids, and even the probability of suffering from obesity.


Omega-3 fatty acids help prevent macular degeneration. This is a clinical disease related to age that affects adults and can cause brain damage and vision loss.

If you want hydrated and healthy hair, eyes and skin, eating salmon is going to be your best help. Omega-3 and selenium from salmon help to achieve this effect.

It is effective for cognitive treatment and development, such as Alzheimer’s; also to reduce inflammation, since it employs excellent work as a coagulating regulator.

It is excellent for eye health and cleansing, being a natural moisturizer to consume salmon and let it take effect, mainly in people with dry eyes syndrome.

It has mental benefits, such as decreasing depression and aggression, a sense of peace of mind.