Grapes nutritional facts and benefits

Grapes are sweet delicious uncomplicated fruits that date way back in history as a fruit that could make wine because of the yeast  that was found growing in the fruit.

Grapes are versatile fruits that can make jam, wine,  jello, grape seed oil, this is also good in many dishes and desserts  for a quick snack;  they grow on vines in clusters and they vary in colours, red, green or purple.


Rich in sugar, carbohydrates and many other vitamins and also a good sort  for dietary fibre this is good for anyone on a diet to boost vitamins and antioxidants in their diet.

They provide enough sugar  to replace and unhealthy snacking or energy boosters.

The skin of the grapes is the richest  in antioxidant, so therefore every part of a grape is good for you,  juicing the grapes and even the seeds is beneficial, a glass a day may prevent  early heart  problems and other foreign bodies.