Coral tree – Erythrina schliebenii

The coral tree, scientific name (Erythrina schliebenii) is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.

Tanzania is the only country that the Coral Tree is, found.

It was believed to have gone extinct in 2008 when the only known surviving trees fell victim to commercial logging, however, a small population of fewer than 50 individual trees was, rediscovered in March 2012 during botanical explorations in the south-east region of Tanzania.

Coral tree health benefits

Erythrina schliebenii, coral tree, has spectacular red flowers and vicious spines along its trunk.

The tree was only collected twice, in the 1930s, from an area that was, later cleared for a cashew plantation.

According to University of Dar es Salaam botanist Cosmas Mligo “Erythrina schliebenii has survived because it grows in rocky areas that are, not usually cleared for cultivation,” “But even those areas will be cleared one day if nothing is, done” to protect the plant.