Health Benefits of Bambangan Fruit

Bambangan Fruit Scientific Name Mangifera pajang is a fruit found mostly in Borneo.

The fruit is, known in Borneo with its native name, Bambangan.

It is a species of plant in the Anacardiaceae family.

Some of the popular common names of the fruit are Bambangan, Pajang, and Wild Mango.

This fruit is used locally as food, the kernel sometimes being used to make pickle.


Mangifera pajang (bambangan) is an underutilised fruit it is, found in Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

It is highly fibrous and juicy with an aromatic flavour and strong smell.

In recent years, bambangan fruit has been gaining more attention due to its high fibre, carotenoid content, antioxidant properties, phytochemicals, and medicinal usages.

Therefore, the production, trade, and consumption of bambangan fruit could be increased significantly, both domestically and internationally, because of its nutritional value.

The identification and quantification of bioactive compounds in bambangan fruit have led to considerable interest among scientists.

Bambangan fruit and its waste, especially its seeds and peels, are considered cheap sources of valuable food and are considered nutraceutical ingredients that could be used to prevent various diseases.