Health Benefits of Loquat Fruit

Loquat Fruit Scientifically called Eriobotrya japonica, from China a small evergreen shrub or tree with bright orange fruit.

The loquat is, also known by other names such as Chinese plum, Japanese plum, Japanese medlar, Pipa, Nispero, and Maltese plum.

The Loquat Fruit health benefits include boosting the immune system, preventing indigestion, managing high blood pressure, preventing the risk of cancer, supporting respiratory health, balancing cholesterol level, strengthening bones, promoting blood circulation, managing diabetes, maintaining eyesight and treating inflammation.


It is, said that consuming the fruit regularly is highly beneficial for your digestive, respiratory, immune, and cardiovascular system.

And the loquat fruit can also become a natural source to maintain eyes health.

The fruit is pear-shaped and slightly larger than a plum, it can have yellow or orange skin, sometimes a red blush.

The tangy flesh of the fruit is white, yellow or orange with brown seeds.

The taste of the loquat fruit has been, compared to a cross between mango and peach.

It can be eaten either fresh or in dried form. The brightly coloured, blemish-free ones are juicy as compared to the greenish ones which are sour and acidic.

Apart from being delicious Loquat Fruit is an excellent source of nutrients which include minerals and vitamins.

Vitamins contain folate and vitamin A and C, potassium, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium.