The Health Benefits of Naranjilla Fruit

Lulo Fruit or Naranjilla Fruit contains lots of Vitamins A, C, B also iron, phosphorus, beta-carotene, magnesium, and calcium. Lulo is virtually fat free and very low in calories and is very high in antioxidants.


Lulo is low in calories, contains iron, and seems to be a good diuretic; and as such may be great for weight loss. The naranjilla plant is attractive, with large elongated heart or oval-shaped leaves up to 45 cm in length.


The leaves and stems of the plant are covered in short purple hairs. Naranjilla are delicate plants and must be protected from strong winds and direct sunlight. They grow best in partial shade.


The fruit bears orange berries which is why the plant is called naranjilla, “little orange” in Spanish. Another characteristic of a naranjilla is the fuzzy outer-layer of the fruit, which explains why the plant is also called the apricot tomato. Naranjillas are members of the Solanaceae family.


The family is more commonly known as the nightshade family. Members of the Solanaceae family are often herbs or shrubs, whose flowers are usually bright in colour.


Naranjillas can be used for many different things. The fruit is primarily used for its delicious juice. The juice is considered the best of the region and is used to add flavor to drinks.

Naranjilla Fruit
Naranjilla Fruit

Interestingly the juice of a Naranjilla is green and is actually preferred over orange juice. In the UK a drink called Grace Tropical Rhythms, is a popular juice among many consumers.


With its sour-sweet fruit taste, its image as an unusual exotic fruit and the beneficial and nutritional health benefits, there are several options for positioning Lulo: as a refreshment for kids, a smoothie for the health conscious or as a juice or juice blend for young and old alike.


Lulo is great for strong bones, hair, and nails plus it contains certain acids that may lower cholesterol. Lulo is virtually fat free and very low in calories and it is very high in antioxidants.


Antioxidants destroy free radicals and they also help in the process of anti-ageing and prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer.