The Health Benefits of Agrimony Oil

Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) is a perennial herbaceous flowering plant; growing to a height of 2m by 0.75m, the oil extracted from this herb by steam distillation is used for its medicinal properties and belongs to the Rosaceae family.

As a home remedy, this oil can be used in your drinks to help purify the blood, as the English have done for many years.

It can also be used as a tonic that when drank will relieve your cold or flu like symptoms. In ancient times, it was well known for its ability to put a person into a deep sleep. 

This herb also contains many vitamins, essential for healthy hair growth.

Generously apply agrimony oil on your scalp and start massaging it in for approximately 5-10 minutes, this is known to stop hair thinning and promotes healthy hair growth leaving your hair strong, thick, and shiny again.

Agrimony Herb Oil

Native to the temperate regions of Northern America, Europe and Asia, it is also used as a gargle to improve bad breath and cure sore throat, and is applied externally in the form of a lotion to minor sores and ulcers.

Agrimony has also been recommended, as a strong decoction, to cure sores, blemishes, and pimples because of its astringent properties that were attributed to the oil of the plant.

Agrimony herb is vital to patients suffering from cardiovascular problems.

This is because it is believed to enlarge the heart, lungs and stomach. Therefore, among the health benefits of agrimony herb is to soothe gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion, diarrhoea and mucous colitis. 

Although agrimony benefits are many and widely accepted, it is important to consult with your doctor before using the herb especially its oil.

This is because it may have adverse side effects if overdosed or not used accordingly. Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, or have any condition that requires special medical attention, talk to your doctor before using it.