The Health Benefits of Agrimony Tea

Agrimony is an herb, its tea is made from flowers, leaves, and basically all the parts of the agrimony plant that grow above ground, a great tea when you are looking for an excellent choice of herbal tonic, something to help you when digestive problems stop you from leading your normal daily life.

Native to England, Europe and other parts of the world, this tea is high in antioxidants, so it helps you to fight inflammations and fights against viral infections.

Its diuretic property makes it a great tea tonic to treat kidney diseases and related bladder disorders, also treats vaginal discharge, it sheds excess water weight and helps to flush the kidneys and bladder and helps to get rid of kidney stones.

This herb contains tannins believed to aid in digestion and for mild and acute diarrhoea.

Agrimony Herb Tea

It is also beneficial for troublesome bowel issues and to help tone mucous membranes and improve function.

Like all pharmaceutical and natural treatments, agrimony should be used with caution.

Patients with a history of excessive bleeding or bleeding disorders should use it at milder doses. Agrimony is excellent as part of a long-term treatment for diabetes, for it lowers sugar levels and quenches thirst.

European herbalists suggest a few cups of agrimony tea daily to heal peptic ulcers and colitis, the herbal tea can be used as a skin wash; it is thought to improve minor injuries and chronic skin conditions.

It may also join the fight against rheumatism and arthritis and helps to cure mild coughs and sore throats.

Agrimony tea is considered safe since its leaves are used as a substitute for tea. It is also safe when applied on the skin.

No significant adverse effects for agrimony have been documented. When used as recommended for a short-term, agrimony is considered to be overall safe.