The Health Benefits of Rambutan Fruit

Rambutan fruit is a bright red oval fruit covered with soft spines or hairs and having a sub-acid taste and grow in clusters on evergreen trees.

Native to Malaysia and Indonesia, rambutan is most commonly eaten out-of-hand after peeling off the husk.

Rambutan Fruit

But you have to be careful not to bite too deeply, the flesh might come away with the papery skin of the seed attached, and that is not rambutan at its best.

A rich source of vitamin C and calcium, rambutan also provides niacin, iron, protein and fiber. An average fruit contains 59 calories. 

  • Rambatan is a traditional medicine in Malaysia and Indonesia that is being used for thousands of years. It is used in a number of treatments such as diabetes, hypertension and various other ailments.
  •  Rambutans are an excellent source of iron which helps to correct the amount of oxygen in the body which controls dizziness and fatigue due to anaemia, an illness caused by iron deficiency.
  • The other health benefits of rambutan are in its antiseptic qualities. It helps to fight infection which invades our body.
  •  It has Gallic acid that is needed by our body to protect its parts from oxidative damages; also, helps fight cancer cells. Phosphorous is another element present in rambutan that helps in the removal of kidney waste and also helps in the repair and healing process of the tissues in our bodies. The calcium in the rambutan fruit mix with phosphorous to give us strong teeth and bones. It is also known to reduce body fat and promotes healthy skin and hair.

The seed of the rambutan fruit is also beneficial, consuming the seeds neutralize blood sugar by boiling, and then drink its juice.

This lovely fruit is suitable for those who want to lose or maintain weight.