Kohlrabi Vegetable

The Health Benefits of Kohlrabi Vegetable

Kohlrabi, Knol-khol or German Turnip is a vegetable belonging to the Brassica family and have similar taste and texture as that of a broccoli stem or cabbage, but milder and sweeter. Knol-knol notably has good levels of minerals; copper, calcium, potassium; manganese, iron, and phosphorus are especially available in the More >

Meyer Lemon Tea

The Health Benefits of Meyer’s Lemon Tea

Lemons originally hail from India where they were cultivated by cross pollinating limes with the citron fruit. The vitamin C found in lemon goes beyond vanity; it also combats the free radical damage to blood vessels, which is a preventable precursor to the atherosclerosis that tragically often ends in heart More >

Asian pear

The Health Benefits of Asian pear

Ya pear, Asian pear or Chinese white pear is a fruit that is native to China and Japan. Ya Pear can be described as having a thin yellow skin and have the same shape as the ordinary pear. Ya pear is commonly eaten out-of-hand or added cold in dishes. They More >

Araza fruit

The Health Benefits of Araza Fruit (Eugenia stipitata)

Araza (Eugenia stipitata) can be described as a very sour fruit; the fruit is sour but versatile due to its pleasant flavour, texture, colour, and smell. They are commonly used to make tropical drinks and cocktails, popsicles, and ice cream. The bushy trees can be maintained at six feet or More >

Baby Banana

The Health Benefits of Baby Banana

Baby banana is known as the sweetest of all bananas, also called finger or lady finger banana. It offers the same benefits just like a regular banana and is native to Columbia. Banana is one of the healthiest and most popular fruit in the world, consumed by nearly everyone on More >

Carissa Fruit

The Health Benefits of Carissa Fruit

Carissa also known as Natal plum is native to South Africa and is also planted in some parts of America, a fruit that can be eaten fresh but can also be cooked. Some people enjoy the Carissa fruit raw or in jellies, jams, pies, and sauces. They taste like a More >


The Health Benefits of Red Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a tart-tasting fruit not everyone enjoys. The grapefruit is a sort of a crossbred between the orange and the pomelo. This is because the grapefruit is large in size like a pomelo but the outside of the grapefruit looks like an orange. Grapefruits are found in three colors: More >

Red Pear

The Health Benefits of Red Pear

Red pears are a low-fat, cholesterol-free food. Red pears have a high concentration of the phytonutrient anthocyanin. Anthocyanin has anti-aging properties, promotes heart health and protects against cancer. Red pears are also an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and copper. The amount of fiber in other More >

Sassafras Leaf Tea

The Health Benefits of Sassafras Leaf Tea

Sassafras is a plant, its root is used to make medicine, and it has a mature spread of about 20 meters. With smooth, slender branches, one of the interesting sassafras tree facts is that it is not only the bark, but the branches, roots, and leaves that were put to More >

Amargo Herb

The Health Benefits of Amargo Herb

Amargo herb or hombre grande is a tropical small tree found in rain forests in Pacific coastal areas. It has oblong opposite leaves about 5 to 10 centimetres in length. Brilliant red flowers some 3 centimetres long grow in long clusters. The fruit appears in five black capsules about 1 More >

Peru Herb

The Health Benefits of Marvel of Peru Herb

Marvel of Peru scientifically known, as Mirabilis Jalapa is a common herb. There are a number of varieties of this plant. A perennial herb with a tuberous root, an erect, branching stem, oval-shaped opposite leaves heart shaped at the base. The beautiful multi-coloured flowers are bell-shaped in the form of More >