Benefits of Almond Milk

Nutritionists and fitness specialists have recommended for many years almond milk because it is a delicious and complete food, which, coming from a dried fruit, brings multiple benefits to our body, which may even come to work in favor of a notable improvement in the body, from the prevention of certain diseases to even greatly influencing the weight loss that causes a diet.

Something important to highlight of almond milk is that it is a food rich in natural antioxidants, as well as different minerals such as potassium and calcium, and vitamins A, D and E, along with various proteins.

Apart from this, it is a drink that lacks gluten, lactose and is low in cholesterol and calories, so it is usually integrated into the diet of allergic, lactose intolerant and mainly vegan.

Not only that, it is highly recommended for people suffering from gastritis and other similar diseases, due to its high content of natural fibrin, which, among other things, is responsible for protecting and strengthening the intestinal wall, thus favoring the colon enormously, In this way, the large amount of potassium for which it is composed is of great help when the person by different pathologies evacuates too often, thus losing large amounts of this important mineral.

Many specialists say that milk of vegetable origin is much better than animal milk, due to its high content of lactose which, like sugar, increases blood glucose levels and provokes cases of wanting to lose weight. and having a healthy life, becomes a more complicated goal, that’s why almond milk is recommended for fitness people.

One of the essential characteristics of almond milk is its potential fiber grade which has a positive effect on the regulation of blood glucose, it also reduces cholesterol levels, helps in the digestion process and causes an important role in the intestinal transit.

To make a comparison, according to studies a cup of whole milk has an approximate 146 calories per cup, while a cup of almond milk contains between 30 and 40 calories and no sugar, it costs nothing to realize which is healthier, taking into account that without excess sugars or calories we would all have a healthier life.


If you like to prepare it at home, you only need three simple ingredients: Almonds, water and a little sweetener, whichever you prefer. You can even add a spoonful of honey or a bit of vanilla extract to add some flavor.

You should only let the almonds soak overnight, the next day wash with plenty of cold water. After that, liquefy the almonds with three cups of water; enough until it becomes opaque and creamy.

Prepare a sieve and drain until only the pulp is there, and ready.
And you? What are you waiting for to add this to your diet?