The Health Benefits of Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk is a food normally present in the diet of all members of the family, from children, through young people to older adults, it is also nutritious and very rich and has a series of benefits that not all the world knows.

Milk provides the body with a series of essential nutrients and components, since it is rich in calcium, which is essential in the formation and healthy growth of bones, it also contains vitamin A and D, proteins with very high biological value, fats and hydrates carbon, so that cow’s milk is considered a complete food.


This is usually recommended for people with diets or for the purpose of losing weight, because although it is true that milk is composed, among various things, of fats, its lipid content is low. And not only that, but usually milk fat is easily digested.

On the other hand, it has multiple proteins! A part, these alone provide us with many benefits, primarily help reduce the decrease in muscle mass, helps with the regeneration of muscles, prevents the body is nourished by their tissues, which is essential for older adults, athletes and general, people who are in physical activity.

It is also composed of amino acids, which collaborate with the organism in different ways, such as the contribution in the regulation of blood pressure, they are also antioxidants and they develop in an important way in the immune system, thanks to their antibacterial and antiviral contributions. Cow’s milk can act as an anti-carcinogen.

That’s right! Since it contains linoleic acid and butyric acid, so its consumption reduces the risk of contracting various types of cancer.


And continuing with the contribution of this food in the prevention of diseases, is also responsible for reducing the condition of osteoporosis thanks to lactose, which helps the body to absorb calcium that is so necessary and useful for the bone system, and not only that, lactose, being a carbohydrate gives us energy to perform better in our day to day.

This milk is also a great contribution to maintaining brain function, since it has the valuable whey protein, which among its various functions, usually improves notably the levels in the brain of a hormone called serotonin, thus being a favorable food for older adults and people suffering from major depressive disorders.

Children who consume it from a young age acquire strength in the bone system, and main protection to bones and teeth.