Pacific salmon Health Benefits

We can find this exemplary eurathaline distributed along both coasts of the North Pacific, from Hokkaido Island, Japan and eastern Russia; it surrounds the Bering Sea to Alaska, and extends south to Monterey Bay in California and the Chilean coasts. The species has been introduced in many lagoons and lakes, for breeding, production and consumption purposes.

Its special flavor and change of color are a striking feature of this fish, in Japanese culture it is a good ingredient to make sushi. However, it is not only recommended in the commercial field, specialized nutritionists from all over the world, it recommends it for its wonderful effects on health.

It is not secret to anyone that mainly in fish, and more specifically in salmon; We can find large reserves of essential fatty acids for our body, such as Omega-3, DHA and EPA.


When consuming them, being cooked in any way; our body will absorb important minerals, vitamins, and of course, fatty acids.

As an outstanding property, there is the improvement of the cardiovascular system and mainly of the heart, an organ of vital importance. The Omega-3 will be a long-lasting shield, thus preventing possible future heart diseases.

Also taking care of preventing the dilation of veins and arteries, regulating blood coagulation and purifying it along with cleaning arteries near the heart organ.

The bone system brings effects such as strengthening bones, joints and teeth; keeping them in good condition and in turn, keeping away any possible oxidation.


Although, it is a consumable animal low in fat; It has the ability to provide and create healthy vital energy. This can protect and multiply the strength of possible capacity in the main tendons and muscles of the body; avoiding diseases such as inflammation of tendons and the natural tear of them.

In the aesthetic field, the amount of important minerals that it has, promotes the hydration of the scalp, facial skin and even nails. Calcium and phosphorus have a major role in these actions.

The continuous consumption of this fish, will give an important duration to the aforementioned health benefits, but additionally, thanks to its important amount of Selenium and phosphorus vitamins, which serve as a general antioxidant of the immune system; It will help prevent serious or deadly diseases, such as cancer, thyroid diseases, among others.

In the diets of pregnant women is almost vital, since they will give a great vitality to the fetus and to the woman.