The Real Salmon or Chinook Health Benefits

This euryhaline fish (that is, it can live in salt water or fresh water without affecting its metabolism) is found throughout the aquatic space between the Chinese coasts and the coast of California, United States.

Among the healthiest foods, its consumption brings great health benefits, Chinook salmon tends to be main, but why is it so recommended by nutritionists?

When starting a healthy diet with salmon, we give it a great nutritional value thanks to its high content of Omega-3, which is a fatty acid that we can easily find in these fish.

This helps the development of the cognitive system, that is, it can prevent Alzheimer’s, which is a condition of deterioration due to age.

Also people who regularly consume this salmon, thanks to the accumulation of fatty acids, are less likely to suffer from depression.

It contains substances such as Selenium, which function as antioxidants for the body and can help prevent cancer.

For the heart, the intake of this animal, brings significant improvements and preventions to this vital organ, because it prevents hardening of arteries, facilitates the coagulation of the blood and even a purification of it.

Most fish have this advantage, but Chinook salmon is the most complete of all.


It has great importance for the health of the cardiovascular system, to possess fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, who are responsible for many benefits such as reducing inflammation, and preventing vein dilatation.

It is a carrier of valuable minerals such as iodine, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and selenium.

These minerals strengthen the bone system, along with vitamins (mainly vitamin D and B12) that we can also find, contribute to the maintenance of the intestines and the thyroid gland.

If you suffer from high cholesterol and triglycerides, it is recommended to consume it at least twice a week.

Thanks to its saturated fat, this fish is low in calories and fat, thus promoting weight loss. Since, for every 100 grams, you get 11 healthy fats, your productivity and energy will increase, achieving an optimal fulfillment of all your daily activities.

It should be noted that the taste of this fish is so peculiar and nutritious that it is considered a treat on the palate.

Although according to the Asian culture, this animal is spiritual and of a certain sacred form, springs are consecrated towards it, making abundance, color, texture and flavor attribute.